Vehicle Diminished Value

Cash for my CrashDid You Get Compensated?

If you had an auto accident, insurance likely paid to fix your car.  However, did they pay you for the lost value in your car now that it has been in an accident?  Probably not.

If your vehicle was damaged in an auto accident, we can help you get the cash you are entitled to for your crash.

Most insurance companies won’t tell you about your car’s diminished value, let alone offer to compensate you for it. Some insurance adjusters will even deny diminished value is even a covered benefit, but we know better and will help you get what you are entitled to. The purpose of auto insurance is to cover you in the event of an accident and return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition, with regard to function, safety, appearance and value. Most insurance companies do a good job with the first three items. Our job is to make sure you’re compensated for the fourth – value.

At the Robert Russell Law Group, our mission is to provide professional appraisals, a comprehensive evaluation of your case and full-service legal representation to help you recover what you’re entitled to.

Our experienced legal professionals, along with expert appraisers, determine how much value your vehicle has lost and aggressively pursue the at-fault insurance company to recover the money you’re owed. We’ll even fight for your right to recover any diminished value loss in court, if necessary.

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