In the State of Washington the Chapter 13 “no look”/basic attorney fee is set by the Court at $4,000.  So, the fee is the same wherever you go.  No, you don’t have to pay that all upfront.  (Who has that kind of money set aside and needs to file bankruptcy?!)  So, the only question is how much is required to be paid prior to filing.  Normally, we only require a small part of that based on your ability to pay and the situation.  So, how does the rest get paid?  It’s an after-filing payment plan.  The part that you don’t pay upfront gets paid by the Chapter 13 Trustee from the money you send to the Trustee during your Chapter 13.   The attorney you chose in Chapter 13 really matters because they will be helping you for the 3 to 5 years of Chapter 13.  So, make sure you chose an attorney will great reviews and experience!  (See our client testimonials here that have been gathered over more than 25 years and from helping thousands of people!)