Our Client’s Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Experience

We had a client who was facing a lot of financial difficulties. They were dealing with overwhelming debt, and their complex situation only made it harder to get the debt relief they needed. They had consulted with another lawyer prior, but that lawyer only cared about getting his money and didn’t give our client any advice regarding their situation. They left that office horrified, in tears, and not any better than they were financially before stepping into that office.

When they came to our office, we evaluated their situation and explained their bankruptcy options. We explained what will happen during the bankruptcy process and provided a list of the documents needed to gather for their bankruptcy petition. We also discussed everything they needed to know regarding the filing fees, attorney fees, and other costs of filing a bankruptcy case. They left our office with peace of mind and knowing that they can get a fresh start.

After filing bankruptcy, our client no longer had to deal with bill collectors calling them day and night. We prepared the paperwork needed for their petition in bankruptcy, filed it to the bankruptcy court, and responded to the bankruptcy trustee’s request. Our client was surprised at how well the 341 meeting went, and they didn’t have to wait too long to receive their Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge.

If you’re looking for debt relief, filing bankruptcy may be the answer you’re looking for. Contact our office to schedule your free initial consultation and get started with your bankruptcy case.