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Asset management and real estate planning after an individual’s demise is an issue that a lot of family members forget until it is too late. In Vancouver, WA, one of the best ways in preparing for such a scenario is through the use of a Power of Attorney. If any client wants to give a family member or a guardian the special power to make certain choices on your behalf, you are giving them a power of attorney or POA.

In creating a Power of Attorney in Vancouver, WA, you have to be of legal age, with the ability to make decisions for yourself and understand the powers that you will be granting to your agent. Most of the time though, interested people often consider signing a Power of Attorney too late to the point that their age or capacity prevents them from doing so. Given this, they are no longer allowed to create a Power of Attorney.

In a proper POA, the earlier you obtain one, the better it will help you if the unfortunate happens. A Power of Attorney Lawyer in Washington State can allow you to craft a suitable POA for your needs and help you make a robust document whatever situation you may face. Our experienced POA attorney at Robert Russell Law Office should be able to give legal advice to you regarding this situation.

Why do I need a Power of Attorney Lawyer in Vancouver?

If an individual without a plan becomes unable to decide for themselves, your family’s only choice is to request for a guardianship petition for you in court. This allows them to manage your medical and financial concerns. This process is a long and arduous task that takes a lot of time, effort, and emotions from your family members. With a Power of Attorney document, you can prevent this from happening.

Our estate planning attorney team at Robert Russell Law Office can assist you in avoiding the probate or guardianship process and give you back the option to privately create estate planning documents such as a power of attorney. With our years of experience, we should be able to give you legal advice on matters so you may make informed decisions about these documents.

Choosing the best document among the many different types is a hard process, but our POA attorneys can help you in choosing the best one for your scenario. You may go to the link in our contact page to schedule your consultation today!

What is a Power of Attorney?power of attorney

The power of attorney is a useful tool in planning ahead of unfortunate circumstances. This way, you are still able to give your agent your decisions during that concerning time. This is where a power of attorney can come in handy. This could provide individuals social security especially in accidents or other instances.

As Vancouver estate planning lawyers, we can share our expertise and knowledge in Washington law to help you write a robust durable or health care Power of Attorney. With this option, your loved ones can make sure that you can decide for you if you become incapacitated in the future.

There are multiple reason why an individual would like this option, from:

  • Elder law proceedings, were the client is incapacitated due to old age to be able to make choices for themselves
  • Personal accident or health care concerns that lead to the loss of choice
  • Guardianship concerns, especially for minor children that would need assistance in their day-to-day lives.

The person creating the POA would be able to  dictate the particular range of the authority they are granting to their agents. Because of this, it is encouraged that this authority is given to a close friend, loved one, or life partner. The exact scope of their authority is up to you, and will depend on what you need for the situation.

With a POA document, you are able to make your choices known to your agents that could implement, grant, and carry out your wishes if necessary.

Types of Power of Attorney

Real estate planning can be a complex process with all the multiple types of documents available. Multiple states in the United States also have different laws and requirements in place concerning power of attorney documents.

If you are interested in filing a POA, it is important to consider which one is the best for you:

General Power of Attorney

This POA allows the attorney-in-fact to act in general financial power like banking and asset payments. Due to this generality, this type is mainly used for single-time transactions, like your agent needing to file a bank statement during the time that you are incapacitated.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is a POA that continues even after the incapacity of the requesting individual. This is more robust, and your chosen agent will be allowed access to all of your estate and asset concerns from your incompetence to your untimely death.

Medical Power of Attorney

Also called a health care surrogate process, this legal document is a specific type that cares more about the medical concerns of the client. With this document, the agent is tasked to perform medical choices on the client’s behalf. Because major accidents or personal injury cases lead to incapacitation, this power of attorney early is a good consideration to get your peace of mind even when the inevitable happens.

If you are considering any of these setups, our estate planning law firm in Washington is willing to offer our  legal services and assist with any legal issue of our clients.


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When the inevitable happens, it is best that we are always prepared for the sake of our other loved ones. The effect of our choices now can allow us to be active in the future even when we are not around. With a Washington power of attorney, anyone can prepare for such concerns. Getting a reliable Power of Attorney Lawyer in Vancouver, Washington can help you with these concerns.

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