Welcome!  We really care about our clients.  But you do not have to take my word for it.  Below you will find client testimonials.   Our clients will tell you their experiences in their own words. We think you’ll like them.  We do. Also, other attorneys regularly refer clients to us because we are also very good at what we do.   I have copied a few of their comments below. We know you’ll have a good experience with our office. If we can help, we hope to see you soon! — Robert Russell, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Robert Russell Law Office is a highly competent firm that clearly works in the best interest of their clients. I hired Mr. Russell for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Mr. Russell is a straight forward highly knowledgeable no-nonsense attorney. He expects honesty and full disclosure in order to provide the best way to manage your individual circumstances. With 30 years experience, it is quite clear Mr. Russell is an expert in his area of practice.  Mr. Russell and his staff are very thorough crossing every “T” and dotting every “i” and reading it twice. You’ll leave his office knowing you are in good hands. Highly recommended. — Gary B., Client (2019)

Mr. Russell handled our bankruptcy with kindness and no judgement. He spent the necessary time to explain our options and supported us throughout the entire process. He has handled our own personal bankruptcy and another family member’s filing. I could not recommend him any further. He can be trusted to serve your needs and answer all of your questions during this difficult time when struggling with debt.– Bruce, Client (2019)

I recently met with Robert Russell seeking his professional counsel. In my experience, Robert was extremely thorough, thought-out, meticulous, organized, and straight forward. Mr. Russell knows his area of expertise and I felt confident in his abilities. After meeting with him and discussing my options, I’ve decided not to pursue this avenue for my personal situation. However, I do have a friend that had hired Mr. Russell in the past and I can tell you his experience was the same as mine, as I helped with the paperwork. The step by step method Mr. Russell has developed puts this process, which can appear to be otherwise overwhelming, daunting, and tedious, into a streamlined, smooth, and simple format. If you’re looking for a competent, knowledgable attorney and a minimally stress-free experience (considering the circumstances), then look no further.– Client (2018)

My experience with Robert Russell was both thorough and professional from start to finish! Robert has mastery of his legal discipline and was able to clearly layout actionable options. More importantly, I was able to ask many questions to help me understand and move forward with the right plan for my situation. His patience and attention to all the little details is amazing. I highly recommend Robert and his firm. Thank you for your help! — David, Client (2018)

Persistent and unrelenting! The law office of Robert Russell Law, Vancouver, Washington Bankruptcy Attorney: I have never had to tackle with anything like this in my life. I really didn’t know how or where to commence from these issues. Despite, my estrange wife antagonistically showing up in my bankruptcy court, verbally attacking me in the presence of the judge and later wrote a letter argued that my case should be instantaneously denied, was an eyesore. However, attorney Russell and his staff were persistent and unrelenting in my case. I really appreciate the level of professionalism, courteous, prompt response to my questions, and outstanding performance to see my case through; would never be forgettable. Lastly, i will highly recommend your office at any point in time. Thank you. — Moses, Client (2018)

I did a lot of research before I hired my lawyer, and Mr. Russell and his team did not disappoint. Huge shout out to Savannah at the front desk, who really knows their stuff. Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision, and I was so anxious… We were suffering from a garnishment which stopped when our case was filed. We had a mountain of medical bills that would have haunted us to the grave. A repossession. All kinds of stuff… Going into this office was welcoming, I was not shamed for my bad financial situation (a secret worry), and they really took the time to look over everything with a fine tooth comb so I could be confident that it was done correctly. Any questions I had were answered promptly, there was excellent communication. They helped me to stay organized with a file and went over the process in a way that I could understand. Overall they were awesome to work with.  Thank you, R. Russell and team, for helping me start over. I will be grateful forever, and if I ever need help with legal issues I would hire again in a heartbeat! — Nicole, Client (2018)

I was not sure what to do about a old credit card judgement! They helped me so much and my credit stayed great!! I was so blessed he got it all dismissed for me!!! I was treated wonderfully and everything was explained so clearly! I’m so thankful!!! — Shanha, Client (2018)

Robert Russell – A Class Act. I just went through a divorce, after 21 years of marriage, and got stuck with all our debts. Needless to say, I was devastated and unable to pay all my bills plus “maintenance” to my ex. I wasn’t sleeping well, stressed out with work, trying to juggle everything. Finally, called Robert Russell’s office. What a relief! He and his staff were so nice, friendly, understanding, and treated me with respect. They really cared about me as a person. But most importantly, Robert gave me my life back. Gave me dignity. I now can sleep, pay my bills, and still able to live respectfully from month to month. I will come out of all this in a few years, but my journey has been much easier thanks to Robert. If you’re having difficulties, give him a call. You won’t be sorry! — John, Client (2017)

Not your typical Lawyer. I first contacted Robert Russell a year ago. I have been having a lot of financial difficulties with complex situations attached. Mr. Russell not only has helped me but only has his client’s best interest in mind. I will be meeting with him again next month to continue with my bankruptcy. I had consulted with another lawyer and left that office feeling horrified and in tears, he only cared about getting his money and provided me with no advice concerning my situation. Mr. Russell gave me peace of mind and I would recommend him to anyone needing help, he truly cares which makes all the difference!! — Chrystal, Client (2017)

Robert Russell is an Awsome Bankruptcy Attorney. After consulting with a few attorneys, I decided to hire Robert Russell. He is knowledgeable, efficient and compassionate, a winning combination! Robert Russell and his staff, made the bankruptcy process much less stressful. I highly recommend Robert Russell and his staff, they are AWESOME! — Lyn, Client (2017)

In a time when I was struggling to breathe, Rob helped me realize that I wasn’t alone and that people care still. He walked me through the whole thing and answered all my questions promptly. Highly recommended — Amy, Client (2017)

Filling for bankruptcy can be a stressful situation. For many bankruptcy signifies a personal failing. My wife and I came into Robert’s office owing tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and medical bills. With the minimum payments and high interest rates we saw an uncertain future in which our debts threatened to disrupt our ability to raise our family. We researched lawyers and decided to visit Robert Russell to see what he could do for our situation. Unsure of what to expect, Robert was very informative about the process and our options, he answered all of our questions, and made the process very easy. Our bankruptcy was not simple, and he worked hard on getting us the best result available (which was better then I expected). Today over a year later, our family is free from the overwhelming burden excessive debt becomes. We have begun the process of rebuilding our credit, soon after our bankruptcy we were able to get a credit card, and we recently were able to secure financing on a 2017 minivan @ 5% interest, thus replacing our old vehicle which had begun to cost more in maintenance then it was worth. Our experience shows that bankruptcy does not signal the end of financial independence, but allows people to reset their financial future. Going to Robert was the best decision my family could have made! Our family’s finances are in great shape thanks to the bankruptcy, and I would recommend Robert to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. — Jeremy, Client (2017)

Robert helped us with bankruptcy and other legal problems several times. He did an excellent job for us, and helped us get a fresh start, and past some very difficult problems. Robert is very kind, compassionate, and very knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend Robert to anyone! — Alan, Client (2016)

Exceptional. Truly the best! The staff is friendly and extremely helpful. Rob was amazing and helped take the “shame” out of facing a this kind of situation. He and his staff really go the extra mile, and remind you there are still great people out there in this world. I would highly recommend this law office to anyone I know. — Rianna, Client (2016)

Robert Russell and his assistants were very thorough, thoughtful, calming, ethical and efficient. They made a difficult situation painless with their compassion. He is a top class attorney and human being. You truly can’t go wrong with the Robert Russell Law Office. — Jana, Client (2013)

Excellent. It is with great pleasure to provide an outstanding recommendation for Robert Russell and his excellent crew. Rob helped me during a time that was very difficult for me. He was personally supportive and understanding of my circumstances and made something I found very hard to handle far easier than I thought possible. Both he and his staff were always responsive to my needs and questions and I always felt comfort and safety in their hands. I can strongly recommend him. — Robert, Client (2016)

Inspiring Confidence. We have done business with Rob Russell and his firm for over 5 years, and we have always felt that they are very helpful, knowledgeable, and accessible. They put you at ease and we truly felt that we were given the professional yet personable treatment that allowed us to feel confident that we were going down the right path with the people who could help us best. — Deby, Client (2016)

I would highly recommend Rob to anyone going through a bankruptcy. I was nervous to go through this process, nervous to hire an attorney, everything about this or any legal process is overwhelming. Once I decided that bankruptcy was the right decision, I made appointments with a couple of different law offices. Needless to say, I chose Robert Russell Law Group. The office is staffed well and someone was always there to answer questions. I was informed about each step, I felt confident that he was there to help me through the entire 90 day process. As scary as a bankruptcy can be, it was an overall positive experience. — Marie, Client (2016)

Mr Russell was understanding to my situation, at no time did I feel judged/shamed for the past. He explained the process clearly, is very organized and was there for each step of the way. Mr.Russell helped me get my life back, I am so thankful. — Client (2016)

Robert helped me with a financial matter from the past. I was informed through every step. My problem was quickly resolved and I felt that he had acted in my best interests. I am very busy and appreciated the ability to do most of my business through email… I would definitely recommend Robert to anyone that is in need of a true professional. — Charlie, Client (2015)

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! The Robert Russell Law Office represented my family while filing for bankruptcy. Experienced and well respected within the local courts and community, Robert’s approachability and easy confidence put our fears and concerns to rest. We were regarded with esteem and supported every step of the way. The process was clearly explained, guided, broken down into manageable steps and a manageable payment plan. The support staff proved to be, sincere, knowledgeable and expeditious in correspondence throughout the process. The Robert Russell Law Group demonstrated compassion for our individual financial situation and for the economic security of our family’s future. We thank all of you! Cheers, to new beginnings! — Angela, Client (2016)

After my wife and I delayed the inevitable for many years, we finally decided we needed a fresh start, and filed for bankruptcy. The fear of the whole bankruptcy process and what it entailed kept us from filing for quite some time. Upon our initial meeting with Robert and his team, they put our minds at ease, and we knew we were in good hands. Everyone there made the process easy, and with minimal hassle. We would definitely recommend Robert Russell and his team for all your legal needs, and we will not hesitate to refer others to him. — Brad & Amber, Clients (2015)

Robert and his staff were professional yet very friendly and approachable. Lawyers I’ve met in the past are intimidating and that make it very hard to ask questions, but not with this office. They answered questions promptly and accurately. This ease made our bankruptcy experience very pleasant. Thank you. — John, Client  (2013)

Thank you so much for all your support and assistance during my bankruptcy filing. Rob, my heart especially goes out to you for your generosity. You are wonderful people who have really helped in getting my life on track. — R.S., Client (2013)

Top Notch Attorney. Rob Russell is someone I knew through our crowd of friends but was unsure about hiring him to do my bankruptcy case. Those initial fears were immediately laid to rest and he did an outstanding job on my case. I even had to challenge some things with the court, and he came out the winner in that situation. I would highly recommend him to anyone! — Dianne, Client (2016)

Robert is exceptional without being condescending. His staff is honest & exceptional too. Always quick, thorough,courteous responses to any questions or concerns throughout our businesses. It’s hardly a happy, or easy situation when you need an attorney, but Robert and his staff always made each step as painless And easy as possible, by keeping us informed all the way thru each step. I would recommend Robert for any legal needs you may have. — Peter, Client (2014)

Knowledgeable and responsive. Robert and his staff were great to work with during a rough time in our lives. We were always kept informed throughout the process of our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Any time we had questions they always responded quickly. We would recommend using his firm to anyone.— Jim & Mari, Client (2015)

The team at Robert Russell helped me through a difficult time when cascading events forced me into bankruptcy. Everyone I worked with was compassionate and direct. They helped me avoid some nasty pitfalls, and kept things pleasant, which is amazing.— Thomas, Client (2016)

I knew I needed to file for bankruptcy, but what lawyer would I go with? Bankruptcy is a serious matter and I needed someone who had great reviews, this is not just some random restaurant on yelp. I needed the best for my bankruptcy case. I needed it all to go according to plan so I could come out the other end with no debt. I noticed Robert Russell had so many positive reviews, right then, I knew I found the right person to handle my case! — Andrew, Client (2014)

I had a very difficult bankruptcy case with a creditor that exercised every option available to them and the creditor was very challenging and Robert Russell helped me navigate through the legal process and advocated on my behalf for a reasonable final outcome. I will recommend him to my friends. — Terry, Client (2015)

This was a very long and hard process for me and Robert Russell and staff always made me feel at ease. There was never any questions unanswered whether it was in person, email or phone. Always very prompt! — Client (2014)

Rob Russell is the best bankruptcy attorney in Vancouver, Washington. It was a nerve-wrecking time but he guided us, with confidence, from filling out the paperwork to receiving our discharge notification. When we went, along with other debtors, to the public meeting with the bankruptcy trustee for questioning and verification, we had the opportunity to watch some of the other local bankruptcy attorneys in action. Some of them stumbled over the questions and seemed nervous. Some of them had made mistakes in the paperwork and had to reschedule the trustee meeting to supplement the materials. (This means all their clients had to get more time off from work to go back to the bankruptcy courthouse a second time). When it was our turn, there were no mistakes in our file. We needed Rob to help us answer the questions and although he was not allowed to answer for us, he knew exactly where everything in the file was and would point us in the right direction every time. I would not file bankruptcy with anyone but Rob Russell. He is the best in the business, is reasonably priced, and has a great way of helping you stay calm through a nerve-wrecking process. — Jill, Client (2014)

After an extensive search, my mom chose Robert Russell for me to see for my foreclosure concern. He is very professional, doesn’t make a person feel like an idiot for asking questions, makes everything seem effortless. It was easier to email him after our initial meeting, and he was timely with his responses!!! I would surely recommend Mr. Russell!!!! — Cindy, Client (2013)

Man, I’m glad you’re my attorney. — Dan, Client (2014)

When I went to the courtroom, (other debtors also in there), to have a public meeting with the bankruptcy trustee for questioning. I had the chance to observe other bankruptcy attorneys with their clients. All the clients seemed nervous (just like me) but some could not answer questions correctly or made errors in the paperwork and their attorney never caught it and they had to reschedule the trustee meeting. Robert Russell was up there with me and oversaw my questioning. I answered the trustee questions and my paperwork was in perfect condition, everything went through smoothly. The two legal assistants were very quick to respond to the emails and keep me up-to-date on everything. They were super kind and double checked all my paperwork for mistakes. They work very hard and are on top of everything. I would recommend Robert Russell to anyone who is looking into the possibility of bankruptcy. This attorney knows bankruptcy inside and out. — Andrew, Client (2014)

Trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, responsive, always kept us informed! Going through Bankruptcy is very stressful but thank goodness we choose Robert Russell. We will always appreciate the help he and his staff gave us. — Katie, Client (2015)

Robert Russell was very knowledgeable of all laws, kept us informed, explained what we needed to know and do .Was overall excellent. We had never done anything with a lawyer before he was very helpful and made us feel more relaxed in the process. — Joni, Client (2013)

I have never felt more comfortable and confident in an attorney as I do with Robert. He is an incredible asset to have on your side. I would recommend Robert in a heartbeat to anyone who needs a strong, confident, aggressive, cut to the chase, knowledgeable attorney. — Candilynn, Client (2013)

Rob is a creative and aggressive bankruptcy attorney. I readily refer clients in the Vancouver area knowing that he will handle their cases expertly. — James Dart, Attorney (2013)

I wholeheartedly endorse this lawyer. Rob is a terrific attorney. One who possesses a unique blend of head and heart – a rarity in this field. He also has a solid practice management style that fits with my own philosophy around how the practice of law should be, well, “practiced”. I trust his judgment with my own clients who are having financial struggles and end up needing his expertise, and I have no doubt they are well cared for by his team of staff members. — Nancy Retsinas, Attorney (2013)

When you look for a lawyer, the first thing you should look for is someone who is compassionate. A compassionate attorney will be kind but will not let you run wild doing things that you shouldn’t be doing. It is obvious that Rob is compassionate and has the qualities every lawyer ought to have. I have observed that he pays attention to the details that other lawyers might overlook. For these reasons, I am happy to be able to offer Rob Russell my heartfelt endorsement. — Dorothy Bunce, Attorney (2013)

Rob shows great compassion toward clients while helping them through bankruptcy. Rob is knowledgeable, is an involved community member, and exhibits integrity of the highest standard. — Crystal Lambert, Attorney (2013)

I first worked with the Robert Russell Law Group almost ten years ago. I was so thrilled with Rob’s service, and his staff, I retained his firm a number of times since then on a variety of legal matters. As a businessman in this impersonal and computerized world, I often find it challenging to find really good people to work with — people who are true experts and professionals in their field, who communicate well and return calls promptly, who offer great advice, and in essence, live by the Golden Rule every day when dealing with clients and associates. Rob and his staff are a rare legal group. This economy has made things difficult and painful for those of us who have struggled. During tough times, Robert Russell has been a breath of fresh air; an oasis of emotional peace, really. Anyone who has been thru difficult times knows what I am talking about. So often people today are treated like a number, or a computer entry. Although most businesses (and lawyers!) will SAY they are competent, and SAY they treat their customers well, and SAY you will receive personalized service with results, all too often they don’t DO it. Unlike those who offer Lip Service, Robert Russell and his law office Walk the Walk. They DO what they say. They deliver. And thankfully, the ones who win are you and me — those who hire the Robert Russell Law Group to represent them in a legal or financial matter. Rob Russell has been more than an attorney for me. He’s been a friend, and I will forever thank him for his assistance over the years. — Greg M., Client

I highly endorse this lawyer. I have known Rob for over 20 years. He is very knowledgeable and careful. I would not hesitate to recommend him.— Gideon Caron, Attorney (2013)

I’ve known Rob for several years and there isn’t anyone better in his field. He has helped many people I know and you should speak to him if you need help in these areas.  — Ty D., Health Coach

Robert Russell’s law group has always been there for me!!! Thank you Rob!!!!  — Mike M., Client

I endorse Robert Russell. He has helped me over the years with bankruptcy issues involving my personal injury clients. He is very knowledgeable in this area and would be a great choice for consumers seeking a bankruptcy attorney. — Donald Jacobs, Attorney

I was once at a point in my life where my back was against the wall and I was hiding out in my apartment with the curtains closed and lights off. Something had to be done about it. Someone referred me to Robert Russell, his firm gave me a free consultation and got me pointed in the right direction. What a relief!  — S.K., Client

My name is Laurie, and I would like to share my experience with Rob as our bankruptcy attorney, since 2002. My husband and I were in a world of hurt, with everything against us, also our house was in foreclosure, with a sale date in place. Didn’t think that there was anything that could be done. Rob has given us our life back. I cannot be more thankful to him. When everything is dark Rob will make everything shine. As an Attorney, Rob isn’t only there for legal advice, he is also there for you emotionally, and understands the stress that you are under as his clients. He is not an Attorney that will just treat you as a case. He will give you advice if he feels that you could benefit by going another route,without having to do bankruptcy. Because Rob understands the financial stress that you are under. Rob has given us our hope, and brought back happiness to our lives. We are forever grateful to Rob. Thank you Rob for everthing that you have done for us. Aloha L — Laurie, Client (2013)

Mr Russell and his associates know how to navigate the difficult do’s and don’ts of a short sale better than any other firm that I am familiar with. I wouldn’t think of doing a short sale without their expertise and I am a Broker with a CDPE designation…Simply the best!! — Carol Murray, Broker

The Robert Russell Law Group is the “Go To” attorney for advice on learning about the “9 Options” available to you if are facing a Short Sale/Foreclosure or Bankruptcy as a Distressed Property owner.  — Lynette W., Broker

They are the best! In my opinion, there is no way real estate agents can keep up with the nuances of short sales like a law firm with a dedicated short sale division. Can you really negotiate a short sale without giving legal advice? I don’t think so!  — Sam Mikel, Broker

I just want to let you and the staff there know that we truly appreciated everything you did to help us. Most people don’t have a lot of good things to say about attorneys, but your staff was professional, organized, thorough and really knew your stuff! In addition, you never made us feel like failures! Thanks!
— Brenda W., Client (2011)

Rob is a great lawyer! He is smart, caring, experienced, and hardworking. There may be a few just as good, but there are none better. — Susanne Rodriguez-Ruiz, Attorney (2013)

Rob, I wanted to thank you for your wisdom & advice yesterday. I recognized how good you are at your job & that your passion goes beyond the paperwork side of things – but, truly helping one out and providing them with good wisdom to make a good decision. The decisions and obstacles I have in front of me are sometimes daunting. However, knowing I’ve surrounded myself with good counsel is reassuring. All the best!
— Client (2012)

We were introduced to the Robert Russell Law Office by another law office. The entire staff were very helpful right from the beginning. All the documents needed for negotiation were sent to them very quickly. The staff started working for us and would not stop until the objective was reached. The staff also kept in touch with us via email and phone to let us know how things were progressing. They completed their task and we were able to get a drastically reduction in our payments and interest rates. My wife Diana and I are very grateful for what the Robert Russell Law Group has been able to accomplish. We would highly recommend them to everyone who is looking to save their home and save tons of money. Thank you very much once again.  — Dennis & Diana D. (2010)

Facing the possibility of losing a home is an extremely sensitive time. The people at the Robert Russell Law Group are not only extremely knowledgeable professionals, but they truly care about the individual families, and creating a positive outcome. It is important that situations like these be handled by true experts, and that is exactly what you get with the Robert Russell Law Office. They will honestly and thoroughly explain to you the ins and outs of the process. They will customize the best plan for your specific circumstances, and make sure you know what you can expect. They have put together a very solid team of individuals with the necessary qualifications to optimize your chances for a successful outcome. Please don’t hesitate to call the Robert Russell Law Office, and give them the opportunity to give you and your family a helping hand.  — Traci O. (2010)

Dear Mr. Russell, I have been so impressed on everything you have advised me through. I have been in your office and have had several things taken care of and sat down with you and Suzanne getting consultations. I had my will done by your office. After picking it up, I decided on another change and you picked up the pieces and made the changes at no charge. I have had nothing but high professional care and I thank you for not only being a good attorney but also doing your job with humanity and care for your clients.  — DeAnna G. (2012)

Rob is not only a tireless advocate for his clients, he is a creative thinker and highly competent lawyer. He provides high quality service to those with even the most complex insolvency issues. I recommend him without reservation. — Mike M., Attorney (2013)

I am also a consumer bankruptcy attorney. Based on his knowledge and experience, Rob is my go-to guy when I have a question with a case where I need some guidance. He has never steered me wrong. — SR., Attorney, Camas WA (2016)

Rob is an outstanding – and caring – attorney. We have referred numerous folks to him over the years and will continue to do so.— Phillip Gilbert, Attorney (2012)

Mr. Russell, We want to thank you for your advocacy at the 341 meeting yesterday. I know that your articulate and prepared response to the questions regarding our budget was immensely helpful in getting it approved. We know you worked extra hard developing a form to clearly show the trustee how we arrived at those figures, and we are very grateful you took the extra time to assist us. Thank you!!  — Client (2011)

Robert Russell’s office is a very knowledgeable, efficient, caring, understanding and professional team that genuinely cared about my case. I had a unique situation and Rob and his wonderful support staff did an amazing job of answering my questions, explaining things to me thoroughly without making me feel awkward for asking them and got back to me by phone or by email quickly and efficiently. Rob genuinely cares for the people he works with and strives to make an already difficult situation as simple, understandable and tolerable as possible. My case was not cut and dry and Rob and his team made it work for me and I am confident that if I had an attorney who was not so on top of their game it may not have worked out. Rob and his team also went out of their way to refer me to opportunities that may benefit me. Rob and his team are the best of the best and are experts in their field. I highly recommend the Robert Russell team!  — Lydia S., Client

I felt overwhelmed with all of the paperwork that I had to fill out. Robert and his team went above and beyond to answer any questions and updated me on what I needed to do next. All in all, if you are considering bankruptcy and would like a second chance in life with as less stress as possible, definitely call Robert.  — J.W., Client

Mr. Russell and associates have the knowledge and experience to get your case resolved no matter what legal service you require. I know because I have retained their services and was very relieved and could finally breathe again when my case was resolved.  — Steven D., Client (2012)

Robert and his staff always kept me informed throughout the process of my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I would recommend using his firm to anyone who is in need of the services he provides. My case turned into more than what we both expected and was very fair in regards to his compensation. — Jason, Client (2014)

I recently had a lawsuit filed against me for past medical bills. Not knowing what to do, I called Robert Russell. He was very knowledgeable and helpful. After helping me to realize bankruptcy would not be my best option, he worked with the other party to reach a settlement agreement. Without his help, I wouldn’t have known what to do. I highly recommend Robert Russell to anyone needing help with bankruptcy. — Zach, Client (2014)

I have consulted with Mr. Russell on several issues regarding debt repayment (including student loans), debt collections, as well as ways to actually avoid bankruptcy. Mr. Russell is a top notch lawyer who is very knowledgeable about the financial legal system and will go out of his way to help you. — Melanie, Client (2014)