Bankruptcy Forms

Below are a few forms that are useful at a different times in the review/filing process. You will need a PDF reader to view and print these forms (such as Adobe Reader).

The Robert Russell Law Office claims a copyright to all firm-created documents, including those listed below.

Initial Consultation Forms

You do not need to bring any completed forms with you to a free initial consultation. However, when you arrive at the office and before we start the initial consult, we will ask you to fill out a few simple forms to give us some basic financial information and to meet the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code.  If you prefer, you can print, fill out and bring these documents with you to your initial consultation.  If your meeting is by phone, please complete the forms and send them to us prior to or at the time of your consult.   We cannot meet with you via phone (or in person) until we have the completed forms.  Note:  We prefer “in person” consults; they just seem to be more productive.  However, if you are out of town and/or there is no way to make it into the office, a phone consult is possible.

Form Use In … Purpose/Description
Intake Form Initial Consult Who you are and how you found us
Reasons For Seeking Advice Initial Consult This helps highlight your financial issues
Conflict Check Form Initial Consult This helps us confirm we can assist you

Getting Started

If after the initial consultation you are pretty sure you would like to file for bankruptcy relief or would like us to give you more detailed advice, then we need more information from you.   You will then need to fill out the Worksheets, Debt Forms and provide us documents such as pay stubs and bank statements.

Form Use In … Purpose/Description
Bankruptcy Worksheets All Cases This is the primary document you need to fill out to give us basic financial information.
Debt Form All Cases Please complete this form for every debt you have (including debts for debts you want to keep – such as a house or car).
Client Documents Needed All Cases A list of documents you be will asked to gather before your case is filed.
Rules for Filing Bankruptcy All Cases The Bankruptcy Code requires that we provide you with this notice. It explains your rights and responsibilities.
Business Income & Expenses Business Cases Complete this form for every business you are currently operating.

Other Documents You Might Want

There are a few other documents that might be relevant or useful.  We have collected a few for your review.    (There are more to come.  Please feel free to make a suggestion.)

Form Use In … Purpose/Description
Cease and Desist Letter Collection Defense  This is a sample FDCPA cease and desist letter to send to collection agencies that are bothering you.