Considering Bankruptcy?

If you have or are projecting a financial problem, it makes sense that you would like to know (1) how a bankruptcy would be helpful in dealing with your creditors and (2) the impact on life and finances when a bankruptcy is complete. We will happily answer these questions for you, for free.

You can get answers several ways. You can choose to contact us to schedule a free initial consultation and have your questions answered then. However, many people want information now to help them get a little peace of mind – now. If that is you, then you are in luck. In this website, I have collected for your review the information and experience I have gained from my twenty plus years of effectively helping people in financial distress. You will find answers and information in the blogs, Chapter 7 FAQs, Chapter 13 FAQs, and various pages of this website. ALSO, you can use the website’s “Search This Website” (Menu Bar) to obtain a list of pages/entries that have information on your search term(s).

Considering Bankruptcy?  You can have all your questions answered right here.

What We Discuss at a Free Consultation

Many people also like to have their questions answered in person, just to make sure and/or to take the next steps. That makes complete sense. In that case, you will want to schedule a free initial consultation. During the free consultation we discuss and you can ask all the questions you have concerning:

worried about bankruptcy

  • Bankruptcy basics (Chapter 7 & 13, saving a home, etc.)
  • How bankruptcy can help you with your circumstances
  • Your non-bankruptcy options (mortgage modification, etc.)
  • The cost, if any, of pursuing your chosen option, and
  • Any other concerns you might have

What You Need to Bring

The initial consultation is informal and informative. All you need to bring to your initial consultation is a general understanding of your assets and debts. We really don’t need all the details at this point. The exception to this would be if you are aware of  any approaching deadlines such as a foreclosure sale date or lawsuit “answer” date. We’ll ask you what types of debt you owe – credit cards, students loans, etc., and what types of assets you have – a home, a car, mechanics tools, a business. Then we will tailor our information to your scenario. Some people like to bring detailed information – please feel free to do so, but it is not required.

What Forms Do You Need To Fill Out?

When you arrive, we will have you fill out a few one page “check the box”  type forms that tell us a little bit about your situation. It helps identify your scenario and what details we should cover in your consultation. They might take 5-10 minutes for you to review and complete, but that’s all.

Please feel free to click here if you would like to look at some of the form that are used if you do file for bankruptcy relief. If you think it is likely you will file, you can certainly get started on filling them out, but we won’t need them for the initial consultation.

Please Review Our Extensive FAQs, Blogs, Etc.

Either before or after you schedule your free consultation, you can review our extensive collection of FAQs (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13, Mortgage Modification, Short Sale), Blogs and Useful Links. We also have some basic forms available for your review. We also have a helpful Website Search feature available on the Home Page.  We have provided all sorts of valuable information so that you can have many, if not all, of your basic questions answered before your initial consultation.    If you have a basic question that is not answered, please let me know personally at and I will get on it for you.  And thank you in advance, for helping to build our collection of helping and informative FAQs/Blogs.

 Scheduling A Free Consultation

When you are ready, you have several options to schedule a free consultation that best fits your schedule:

  • Online Calendar – Go right to our calendar now and pick the date and time that works for you. We will then send you an email confirming the appointment. It is as easy as that. (See the right hand column: “Schedule A Free Consultation”.)
  • Chat Now – You can chat with us now and schedule a time and date that works. (The Chat box is at the lower right hand side of this and each page.)
  • Call Us – Just give us a call to make the appointment at 360-882-8990.
  • Contact Us – Fill out our “Contact Us” form with a few dates and time and we’ll get right back to you.
  • Email Us – Send an email with a few dates and times that work for you to

After Bankruptcy – We Are Still There To Help

After your case is complete, we are still here to help you rebuild your credit and get on the path to financial health, now and in the future. We’ll help you review your credit report. If after bankruptcy, discharged creditors are bothering you, we will happily contact the creditors for you (and they may now  owe you money for their violation of the Bankruptcy Code).  We can also help you prepare a Will, Power of Attorney and other estate planning documents. Simply, we will be here to to help you with your finances and life events.

Another Happy Client

We would love to add you to our long list of happy clients:

“Robert Russell and his assistant were very thorough, thoughtful, calming, ethical and efficient. They made a difficult situation painless with their compassion. He is a top class attorney and human being. You truly can’t go wrong with Robert Russell Law Office.”

“Robert and his staff were professional yet very friendly and approachable. Lawyers I’ve met in the past are intimidating and that make it very hard to ask questions, but not with this office. They answered questions promptly and accurately. This ease made our bankruptcy experience very pleasant. Thank you.”

We care and we are very good at what we do. We hope to see you soon. (See More Testimonials.)