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 Useful Links

Asset ProtectionFraudulent Conveyance – RCW 19.40
AttorneysRobert Russell -"Superb" rating AVVO – 10 out of 10
AttorneysRobert Russell – Attorney/Peer Endorsements
BankruptcyBankruptcy & The US Constitution – Wiki Info
BankruptcyArticle: Bankruptcy & the Bible (#1)
BankruptcyArticle: Bankruptcy & the Bible (#2)
BankruptcyPersonal Property Exemptions (RCW 6.15.010)
BankruptcyReal Property Exemptions (RCW 6.13.030)
BankruptcyWage Exemption (RCW 6.27.150)
Bankruptcy50 State Homestead & Other BK Exemptions
BankruptcyWestern District of WA – Court
BankruptcyFederal Rules of BK Procedure (FRBP)
BankruptcyMeans Test – UST – General
BankruptcyMeans Test – UST Position – 13
BankruptcyMeans Test – UST Position – 7
BankruptcyMeans Test – Housing – Washington Figures
BankruptcyMeans Test – Transportation
BankruptcyMeans Test – Food – Clothing- Other
BankruptcyMeans Test – Out of Pocket Healthcare
BankruptcyMeans Test – Median Income by State (2013)
BankruptcyMeans Test – Allowed Expenses (2013)
BankruptcyTax Discharge Determinator
BankruptcyBudget Worksheet by NFCC
BankruptcyCh. 7 Trustee Duties+
BankruptcyResidency – Exemptions
BankruptcyNational Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center
BankruptcyNational Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
Chapter 1313 Trustee's Website – Debtor -Case Login
Chapter 1313 Trustee's Website – Attorney Document Upload
Chapter 1313 Trustee's Website – Send Payments
Charity CareRCW Required Medical Cost Charity Care
Child SupportDCS Forms
CondoWA RCW – Condo Act (64.34 RCW)
CondoWA RCW – Condo Act –Release of Liens
CondoWA RCW – Condo Act – Liens – General Provisions
Consumer ProtectionWA Consumer Protection Act — RCW 19.86: Unfair practices
Consumer ProtectionWA DOL – Look up a business/prof.
Consumer ProtectionNational Mortgage Settlement Website
Credit ReportFree Credit Report – Free Annual
Credit ReportFCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act
Credit ReportFCRA – Credit Report – How long can items be reported?
FCICFederal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) – Home
FDICFDIC Financial Institution Letters
ForeclosureFFA – Article: WA DFI – Foreclosure Fairness Act Takes Effect
ForeclosureWA RCW 61.24.030(8) CR's duties/Borrower's options
ForeclosureWA RCW – Nonjudicial FC – No Deficiency Jgmt
ForeclosureWA RCW – Judicial Foreclosure (61.12 RCW)
ForeclosureWA RCW – Judicial Foreclosure – Deficiency
ForeclosureWA RCW – Judicial Foreclosure – Redemption
ForeclosureFFA – WA Foreclosure Mediation Toolkit
ForeclosureFFA – WA Brochure (as of 7-2-14)
ForeclosureFFA – WA – Guidelines & Info
ForeclosureFFA- WA DOC Website re: FFA
GarnishmentOregon Wage Garnishment
GarnishmentWA – Documents
HUDMortgagee Letters
Landlord TenantGet Your Deposit Back
Legal ResearchUS Code PLUS – Govt. Printing Office
Legal ResearchUS Code – Findlaw
Legal ResearchCalifornia Code – JudgmentsEnforcement
MortgageLoan LookUp Tool – Freddie Mac
OR ORSNonjudicial Foreclosure – No Deficiency Judgment
RCWUnlawful Practice of Law (RCW 2.48.180)
Real EstateBroker Licensed in WA?
Short Sale3 year WA SOL
SOLWA Statute of Limitations – Gnenral
SOLWA SOL – Conflict of Laws
Spouse LiabilitySpouse Liability for Debt of Other Spouse
Spouse LiabilitySpouse Liability for Debts Incurred Before Marriage
TenantProtecting Tenant at Foreclosure Act
WA Attorney GeneralWashington State Attorney General – Homepage
WA DFIWA DFI – Homepage
WA DFIShort Sale Guidance for Licenses
WA DFIShort Sale Seller Advisory for Washington Consumers
WA DOLShort Sale Guidance for Licenses
WA DOLLaw of Real Estate Agency In WA
WA DOLDFI Laws and Rules re: Real Estate (Brokers etc.)
WA DOLManaging Broker
WA RCWWA Statutes – Search

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