Free Annual Credit Report – Federal Requirement

Each consumer is entitled by federal law to one free credit report per year from each of the three main credit reporting agencies.   The easiest way to get your free report is to go to the official website created to provide your free annual credit report:    Here is the link that gets you right to the page on that website where you can request the report.    Just click and follow the directions.

Free Credit Report – Other Options

Other services also exists that will provide a “free” credit.     As of the date of this article, Credit Karma offers a free credit report.  If you look around, you will probably find other options.

 Paying For  A Credit Report

If you have already received your free annual credit report, you can pay to get a new one.  It is normally about $15 or so.  Here are the homepages for each of the three primary credit reporting agencies:




Filing Bankruptcy – Credit Report

If you are seeking a credit report to gather your creditors to list in a bankruptcy petition, you have another option.  For a small fee ($25 for one person / $45 for two), we can obtain your creditors and download them right into your bankruptcy petition; you would not have to fill out any forms for creditors that are on your downloaded credit report.  If you have 50 creditors, that will save you a LOT of time.  If you only have four creditors then you might just save the $25/$45 fee.

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