How Much Are The Court Filing Fees For Bankruptcy?

The basic filing fees set by the court are as follows:   Chapter 7 Filing Fee – $335 Chapter 13 Filing Fee – $310 Amendment to Add Creditor –  $30 Reopen Closed Chapter 7  – $260 Reopen Closed Chapter 13

Who Are The Vancouver Bankruptcy Trustees?

Below are the four bankruptcy trustees that work on Vancouver cases. If you want to know who they are (their names), just take a look below. If you want to know who they are (their personalities and what to expect

Are Income Taxes Dischargeable In Bankruptcy?

This can be a very complicated analysis.  I am going to keep it simple in this article. Basic Rule For Discharging Income Taxes In Bankruptcy Income taxes, both state and federal, can be discharged in Chapter 7 and 13 if

What Are The Two Bankruptcy Classes A Consumer Debtor Must Take?

Two Bankruptcy Classes/Certificates There are two classes that a consumer bankruptcy debtor must take to file bankruptcy and then obtain a discharge of debt.  The first class is described as “Credit Counseling”.  The second is for “Debtor Education”. CREDIT COUNSELING: 

Where Can I Find Free or Reduced Fee Legal Services? Check Here

There are many resources available if you need free or reduced fee legal services.    Please check the list here and contact the appropriate service provider.    If you still have questions, please feel free to contact my office and we will

What Does the County Say Your Home is Worth? (Clark & Cowlitz)

Real Property Valuation Part of determining the best course of action to resolve a financial issue includes a review of your assets and liabilities.   A home is normally a person’s biggest asset.  Therefore, it is important to know both the

Am I Disqualified From HAMP Mortgage Modification If I Did Not Reaffirm My Loan In Chapter 7?

You Are NOT Disqualified From HAMP Modification Clients will sometimes tell me that their mortgage company/servicer told them they do not qualify for a mortgage modification because the client did not reaffirm their mortgage in the Chapter 7 case.  That

Can A Married Person File Bankruptcy Without Their Spouse?

YES, if you are married, you can still file a a bankruptcy on your own.   You do not have to file with your spouse. Why Might A Spouse Want to File Bankruptcy Without The Spouse It is not uncommon for

What is the Basic Process and Timeline for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

One of the most common questions we receive is what does a client need to do to file a Chapter 7 and stop creditor collection efforts.    Here is the usual process. Free Initial Consultation – Discuss Basic Bankruptcy Process Normally,

Your Credit Score & Bankruptcy: Sometimes It Goes Up (162 Points!)

  162 Point Increase Projected People often ask me how filing bankruptcy will impact their credit.  Well, in this particular case, CreditExpert predicts this client’s creditor score will increase by 162 points in the 12 months after filing bankruptcy.   View