Notice: Corona Virus (COVID-19) – Bankruptcy 341 Meetings

We just received this notice from the Court regarding attendance at Bankruptcy 341 Meetings during this period when people are concerned about exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Yes, 341 Meetings can be rescheduled.  The Notice reads as follows:

Coronavirus Bankruptcy 341 Meetings

Notice from the United States Trustee

Regarding the Rescheduling of Section 341 Meetings  

in the Western District of Washington 


In accordance with direction from the United States Trustee, chapter 7 and

chapter 13 trustees will accommodate all reasonable requests for continuances of

section 341 meetings by debtors who are concerned about exposure to COVID-19.


Debtors who exhibit symptoms of a flu-like illness, have been exposed to a

person with COVID-19, are within a “higher risk” group for COVID-19

complications per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, or would

be uncomfortable attending the meeting due to a risk of exposure should contact

the chapter 7 or chapter 13 trustee assigned to their case to seek a rescheduling of

their section 341 meeting.  Debtors must provide the required notice of the

rescheduling to the court and creditors, and stipulate to the extension of related

deadlines, in accordance with procedures that apply to rescheduling for reasons

unrelated to COVID-19.

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