Washington State law requires under certain circumstances (discussed here) pre-foreclosure mediation between a homeowner trying to save a home from foreclosure and the bank trying to take/foreclosure on the home.   The purpose of this article is to simply note a useful source of information to help understand mediation opportunities under Washington’s Foreclosure Fairness Act (FFA). 

The Seattle-King County Asset Building Collaborative Foreclosure Prevent Team (that’s a mouthful) has created the “Washington Foreclosure Mediation Toolkit”.    It explains in simple terms how mediation works under the FFA.    So, I recommend taking a look at the “Toolkit” (among other resources) if you want tot get an overview of the  FFA and mediation in Washington.

LINK:  http://www.skcabc.org/initiatives/Washington%20Foreclosure%20Mediation%20Toolkit.pdf