Law bookAll you need to bring to your free initial consultation is a general understanding of your assets, debts, income and expenses. We won’t need specifics. We’ll guide you through a few subjects and highlight the issues that might be present in your situation. However, if you have been served with legal documents (lawsuit or foreclosure), please bring them for review.

The initial consultation is easy, informal and informative. In most situations, you’ll have all your questions answered, such as:

  • Can I keep my car?
  • Can I keep my house?
  • Will all my debt go away?
  • How long does a bankruptcy take?
  • How much does a bankruptcy cost?
  • Do you take payments on attorney fees? (Yes!)
  • What are my non-bankruptcy options to deal with my debt?
  • What is my best course of action given my assets and debts?

We’ll answer any other questions you have. By the end of the initial consultation, you’ll have a good idea whether bankruptcy is a good option for you.

If bankruptcy sounds like it might be helpful, we’ll ask you to fill out some forms to provide us some financial details and collect documents such as pay stubs, tax returns and/or bank statements.    With this information, we can tell you the details on what to expect in your case.

Here are what some of our clients say about our office and the process:

“Robert and his staff were professional yet very friendly and approachable. Lawyers I’ve met in the past are intimidating and that make it very hard to ask questions, but not with this office. They answered questions promptly and accurately. This ease made our bankruptcy experience very pleasant.”

“Robert Russell and his assistant were very thorough, thoughtful, calming, ethical and efficient. They made a difficult situation painless with their compassion. He is a top class attorney and human being. You truly can’t go wrong with the Robert Russell Law Group.”

Free Initial Consultation

To schedule a free initial consultation, contact us by email, phone, or stop by the office. We look forward to helping you soon.