I did a lot of research before I hired my lawyer, and Mr. Russell and his team did not disappoint. Huge shout out to Savannah at the front desk, who really knows their stuff. Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision, and I was so anxious… We were suffering from a garnishment which stopped when our case was filed. We had a mountain of medical bills that would have haunted us to the grave. A repossession. All kinds of stuff… Going into this office was welcoming, I was not shamed for my bad financial situation (a secret worry), and they really took the time to look over everything with a fine tooth comb so I could be confident that it was done correctly. Any questions I had were answered promptly, there was excellent communication. They helped me to stay organized with a file and went over the process in a way that I could understand. Overall they were awesome to work with.  Thank you, R. Russell and team, for helping me start over. I will be grateful forever, and if I ever need help with legal issues I would hire again in a heartbeat!