The Corona Virus and Video/Phone Bankruptcy Consultations

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making personal contact less safe.  Venturing out for appointments is more difficult (kids at home due to surprise school closings, limits on public gatherings, etc.).  We want you to know that our office is fully set up to conduct free initial bankruptcy consultations by video or phone.  [Calendar link here and below.]  All you need is a phone or computer with video capability and we can answer your questions.  We can even send and receive documents from you electronically.  Here is a quick video I did that discusses these options.

Plan Ahead – Things You Wish You Knew (Ask Us)

Also, this next period is very important for many.  If you end up with financial challenges and file bankruptcy, you are going to want to know a few basic points BEFORE you get there.  You are going to want to PLAN.   For example, retirement accounts are safe and protected from creditors – you don’t want to cash them out needlessly.  In Washington you can easily protect $125,000 equity in your home – you don’t want to needlessly lose your equity.  You want to be careful about payments to family and friends – sometimes they have to pay back the money you gave them.  Generally speaking, credit cards and medical debt is easily discharged in bankruptcy.  And so on.   Our website also has a ton of other useful information.

How To Contact Us – Reviews 4.9/5.0 Stars

Unfortunately, creditors are still trying to collect, creditors are still garnishing wages and levying bank accounts, licenses are still suspended, and homes are still being foreclosed upon.  If you need advice on how to proceed these next few weeks or months, call or email us and we can help.  I have done exactly that for more than 25 years helping, literally, thousands of people and businesses resolve they’re financial challenges.  Our client and peer reviews average 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

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The world is pretty crazy right now.  Rather than worry and wonder, if you have questions or concerns, we are here to give you answers and create a plan to resolve any financial challenges.

All The Best,

Robert Russell
Attorney at Law