Can Creditors Reach Assets in a Living (Self Settled) Trust?

Trust Components A “Trust” has several parts.  The person creating the trust is the “Trustor” or “Settlor“.  The assets that are placed in the trust are the “res” of the trust.   The person that benefits from the trust is called

If My Wages Are Garnished, How Much Can The Creditor Take And Can Bankruptcy Stop It?

Garnishing Wages in Washington Under Washington law, a creditor garnishing wages can take only a certain amount of your net (“take home”) wages; they cannot take it all.  Generally, the most they can take is 25% of your net pay,

Do You “Need” to File For Bankruptcy?

“Do I Need to File For Bankruptcy?”    “Should I file for Bankruptcy?”   I get these questions all the time.  They are great and necessary questions.   We answer these questions by working through the following process. What Are Your


No one’s first choice when faced with a financial hardship is to file bankruptcy.   And filing bankruptcy is not on many people’s “bucket list”.     So, it makes complete sense that when someone experiences financial hardship that they should look at

How long does a credit card company have to file a lawsuit on a past-due credit card debt in Washington?

The answer to this question is both short and long, of course.  😉 Six Years The short answer is six years from the date of default on the written agreement. RCW 4.16.040 provides that an “action upon a contract in

How long does a bankruptcy stay on your credit report? And how long could a judgment lead to garnishment if you do not file bankruptcy?

Consumer credit reports can have a significant impact on a person’s life when it comes to borrowing money, getting insurance, housing, or employment. Therefore, the content of a consumer’s credit report can really matter. The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act

USEFUL LINK: United States Code – FindLaw

Why It’s Useful:  This is a link to search the US Code, including Title 11 (the Bankruptcy Code) Subject:   Search United States Code – FindLaw Useful Link:   NOTE:  This post is one of the many “Useful Links” you will find