Should I Stop Paying Creditors If I’m Going to File for Bankruptcy?

If you are current on your debts, but you know you are going to be filing bankruptcy soon, it is reasonable for you to ask if you can/should stop paying your debts now. When a Debtor files bankruptcy, the “automatic

Unpaid Water Bills Can Lead To A Lien On Your Home

Unpaid Water Bills Can Lead To A Lien On Your Home If you do not pay the water bill for your home that receives water/sewer service, then that unpaid bill can become a lien on the home.  That lien, if

Can Social Security Benefits Be Garnished?

Private Parties and Non-Governmental Entities Cannot Garnish Social Security In short, as a general rule, no one can garnish your Social Security except the government.   That means that banks, medical providers, home lenders, etc cannot garnish these funds. Example 1:  If

Is One Spouse Liable for the Medical Bills of the Other?

One Spouse’s Liability for Debts of the Other Here is a common scenario.  Spouse #1 goes to the doctor to have some body part fixed.  Let’s say the bill to the Spouse  for those services  is $1,000.  Twelve months later, Spouse #1 and

Can One Spouse Be Personally Liable For Debts Incurred By The Other?

The Question If spouse #1 incurs a debt, is spouse #2 liable for that debt.   The answer is, of course, it depends. A Little Background: Separate vs. Community Estate Washington is one of nine “community property” states.  Generally, that means

How Do You Value Assets In Bankruptcy?

 How Do You Value Assets In Bankruptcy? Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Assets The Bankruptcy Code requires that a debtor list/disclose all of their assets in the petition.   People get to protect/keep certain assets from the claims of creditors.  These protected assets

Beware: Service of an Unfiled Complaint by a Sneaky Creditor

Normal Method To Start A Lawsuit Normally, a creditor (plaintiff) will start a lawsuit by filing a Summons and Complaint with the appropriate court.  The court assigns a case number to the lawsuit.  The Complaint sets out the reason for

Bank Account Garnishment: How Do I Protect What I Can?

BANK ACCOUNT GARNISHMENTS – CERTAIN FUNDS ARE PROTECTED Many people facing financial hardship have their bank accounts (and wages) garnished.  The purpose of this article is let you know that not all funds you have in your bank account can

Can A Married Person File Bankruptcy Without Their Spouse?

YES, if you are married, you can still file a a bankruptcy on your own.   You do not have to file with your spouse. Why Might A Spouse Want to File Bankruptcy Without The Spouse It is not uncommon for

Are You Stressed and Tired? It might be “Decision Fatigue”.

WHAT DO I DO NOW?!? Posted below is an article that explains how making decisions becomes overwhelming.  IN FACT, people that are experiencing financial problems might suffer more than others from “Decision Fatigue“.   Money is tight and every money spending