Real Property Valuation

Part of determining the best course of action to resolve a financial issue includes a review of your assets and liabilities.   A home is normally a person’s biggest asset.  Therefore, it is important to know both the debt against the home (e.g., deed of trust, mortgage, property taxes due) and the value of the home.

One quick check on the possible value of your home is to check your county’s online records.  They will your County assessed value (i.e., the value the county has for your property and upon which your pay property taxes).    The county’s opinion of value may or may not be correct.  However, it might give you a decent start on an idea of what your home might be worth.  [If you want a more reliable value, you may have to hire an appraiser to give you an opinion of value; it is very reliable but costs about $500.  Another option is to get a CMA or Comparative market Analysis from a realtor; they she be free in most cases.   We have realtors we can refer you to if you need one.]

Clark County Property Valuation

If  you home is in Clark County, WA  you can visit the county’s website and type in the address of your home.  At the site, all you have to do is type in your street address and it will take you to the main page for your home.  Once there, you can find all kids of information including your home’s assessed value, the taxes you pay pay, the current status of those taxes and much more.   The “Account” tab will list the assessed value in the far right column.

Cowlitz County Property Valuation

If your home is in Cowlitz County, WA, you visit Cowlitz County’s website and type in the address of your home.   The presentation of the information is a little different, but it is all there.

Free Initial Consultation

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