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Not many people want to talk about death, let alone what’ll happen to one’s estate when one passes away. From a present-day viewpoint, it all seems so distant and bleak that you might not even want to think about it yet. However, trusts and wills aren’t just for the dead, you can sort your matters out as early as now, and this is possible with the help of a trusts attorney from Vancouver, WA.

Trusts are legal fiduciary agreements involving the trustee holding legal property rights for another individual known as the beneficiary. Trusts enable individuals to have full control over their property and avoid probate. This process can be quite complicated, so having a trusts attorney in Vancouver, WA, law office is an essential component.

Experienced Trusts Attorney Vancouver WA

If you have been named as a beneficiary and are confused about your role in a trust, don’t attempt to go through it alone. An attorney can walk you through the most complicated parts of the case to ensure that you handle the property in the best way possible.

Contact a seasoned Vancouver trusts attorney from Robert Russell Law Office. An attorney can help you with various estate planning concerns, from wills, trusts, probate, elder law, and more. Our trusts lawyer is committed to helping Washington residents gain control over their finances and other properties. Schedule an appointment right now.

Why Do I Need a Trusts Attorney in Washington?

If you have been named the beneficiary of an estate, you might find it perplexing what your next step might be. Similarly, if you are considering a trust, you might also be confused about how to get started. This is where a Vancouver, WA trusts attorney comes into play. A trusts attorney can help enlighten you on estate planning law and help you make the next best move.

Call a trusts attorney who can help you with estate planning matters. An attorney from Robert Russell Law Office employs a personalized strategy to your individual problem along with passionate representation. With 25 years of experience in the field, the law firm services clients in areas such as Camas, Washougal, Brush Prairie, Yacolt, and more. Schedule an appointment with Robert Russell Law Office right now.

What are Trusts?

A short definition of trust would be an agreement or an arrangement wherein a trustee holds title to the property for the beneficiary. One can be the trustee on their own trust, which gives them control over all the property indicated in the trust A living trust or inter vivos trust is a trust you can make in life as opposed to the usual one created at death.

Preventing Probate

Trusts help prevent the property from going to probate. The probate court is responsible for the distribution of properties and paying debts. Trusts also help reduce estate taxes along with the insurance of long-term property management. Enlist the legal help of a trust attorney if you are dealing with trusts in Vancouver, WA. A trust attorney can help provide you with the best legal advice in this scenario.

How Do Trusts Avoid Probate?

Trusts avoid probate since its very nature is that the property transferred onto it doesn’t go through probate. The trustee or the person appointed to handle the trust transfers ownership to beneficiaries indicated in the trust. The process is succinct and takes only a few weeks without court fees. After transferring all of the property, the trust stops existing.

Schedule an appointment with a Vancouver, WA trusts attorney if you require assistance figuring out the trust process.

Will Trusts Protect Property from Creditors?

Creditors who win lawsuits can still go after trust property. After you die, the property you own in the trust will be subject to lawful debts. A creditor can demand your beneficiaries pay the debt to the value of a property, a home, for example. Real estate ownership is a public record; creditors can always track down who inherited it.

Probate, on the other hand, provides protection from creditors since creditors are typically notified of the death and can file claims.

How is a Trust Created?

A trust grantor sets up a legal arrangement that enables the trustee to administer the property, with the money in the trust, for the beneficiary’s benefit. Trust creation entails the property owner transferring legal ownership to their designated beneficiary, a family member, or an institution. The individual who manages the property for the beneficiary is called the trustee.

Fiduciary Relationship

Trusts are a fiduciary relationship between the trustee and beneficiary, fiduciary meaning a relationship involving trust. The trustee is responsible for acting in the best interest of the beneficiary. A trustee who fails to live up to the end of their duty will be held accountable for damages.

What Kinds of Trusts Can I Make?

Trusts are viable tools for anyone who requires money management and property handling assistance. Trusts are also excellent for helping arrange what happens to your money and property when you die. It can help save your family from the trouble and complexities that probate courts bring in distributing property.

There are plenty of trusts available. However, its two general kinds are:

  • Revocable Trusts. Trusts that can be revoked anytime by the grantor
  • Irrevocable Trusts. The opposite, meaning it cannot be changed anytime.

How Do I Name A Successor Trustee

A grantor can name themselves as trustees of a living trust during their lifetime, however, in case of disability or death, they must name a successor trustee. A successor trustee is responsible for distributing the assets following the grantor’s directions in the trust document.

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Everybody wants security for their loved ones when they pass away. Everybody wants to be sure that the finances and properties they leave behind will be handled properly and that the right people get what they deserve. This is why creating trust is important. A trust employs the help of a trustee who acts to benefit a beneficiary who will receive your property when you are gone. However, the system can be complicated, so a lawyer is necessary for this situation.

If you are faced with problems involving wills, trusts, probate, and other estate planning-related situations, contact a Vancouver, WA trusts attorney from Robert Russell Law Office. An attorney will guide you every step, providing legal advice on the wisest decisions to make and ensuring that properties are handled and distributed accordingly. Schedule an appointment with a trusts attorney right now.