Second AmendmentThe Second Amendment to the United States Constitution provides all citizens with the right to keep and bear arms. Furthermore, Washington gun laws allow individuals to carry and transport certain weapons, provided they have a valid concealed pistol license (CPL). However, if you are convicted of certain crimes in Washington, your state and federal gun rights can be temporarily suspended or permanently revoked. You could also face the confiscation of pistols, knife collections, hunting bows and anything else that can be construed as a weapon.

Experienced Advice and Review of Your Situation

We can explain your rights, obligations and potentially restore your right to own and possess firearms. Unlike other attorneys who can take months to restore your rights, we aggressively pursue your rights and generally have your right to own and possess firearms restored in as little as 3-4 weeks.

We offer a free no obligation consultation to determine your eligibility to restore your gun rights. This includes performing a full background check and investigation in the State of Washington to ensure the advice you are receiving is accurate. The date of your conviction, type of conviction, date of discharge, or completion of your conditions of sentence are crucial in determining whether you are eligible now, or in the future to have your gun rights restored.

Experienced Guidance in Getting Your Gun Rights Restored

If you have been convicted for misdemeanor domestic violence or certain felony offenses and your gun rights have been revoked, under most circumstances, you will be eligible to reinstate your Second Amendment rights after a waiting period and following all necessary requirements. You may petition to have your gun rights restored once the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • You complete all terms of your sentence
  • You are crime-free for a waiting period of three years following a misdemeanor conviction
  • You are crime-free for a period of five years following a felony conviction (Class B or Class C felonies only)
  • Any no-contact orders have been suspended or discharged
  • You do not have a prior felony prohibiting firearm possession (* We may be able to vacate (expunge) prior convictions resulting in making you eligible. Call for more information.)

It is important to understand that vacating a conviction or completing the terms of your sentence alone are not sufficient to reinstate your gun rights. Unfortunately, many people fail to petition to have these rights restored and are subsequently charged with wrongful possession. We can help you ensure your privileges are fully reinstated.

Recovering Confiscated Firearms

If you are a gun enthusiast, the revocation of your gun rights is disheartening. The confiscation of your pistol, gun collection or other weapons is even more devastating. We understand the desire to recover these confiscated weapons as soon as you are eligible. We can thoroughly review your case and determine if your possessions can be returned once your gun rights are reinstated. While in some cases, weapons are held for evidence in connection with an ongoing case. However, in other cases, there are methods to ensure the safe return of your possessions.

Restore Your Gun Rights

If your weapons’ rights have been revoked, we can help. Contact us to schedule a free no obligation consultation today.


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