Know Your Options

The Robert Russell Law Office offers all homeowners a free initial consultation to review your legal options to deal with any home finance issue.  Depending on your finances and desires (to keep or not keep), your options can include any of the following:

  1. Short Sale Under a “Special Program” (HAFA/HUD PFS/B of A Coop)
  2. Traditional Short Sale
  3. Mortgage Loan Modification to retain the home
  4. WA Foreclosure Fairness Act Mediation to retain the home
  5. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to retain the home or discharge debt
  6. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to retain the home or discharge debt (and potentially disconnect any second mortgage)
  7. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure (DIL)
  8. Original Loan Review for Potential State/Federal defenses
  9. Allow Foreclosure
  10. Potential combinations of the above
  11. Mortgage Refinance (Note:  RRLO does not offer these services)

Talk to an Attorney

As a law firm, we can point out options that you might not have known exist.  This is why the State of Washington tells you to talk to an attorney to discuss your options:

  • “An attorney can advise you about your options and legal liability;”
  • “Before proceeding with a short sale (a seller should) obtain legal advice;” and
  • “Legal counsel can help you determine whether a short sale is the best option and can advise you during the short sale process.

Make an Informed Decision

Many real estate agents and brokers refer their clients to the Robert Russell Law Office to review the options.  Sometimes, a short sale is the right answer. We offer a free consultation for both short sale and bankruptcy review. For a free initial consultation to discuss if a short sale is right for you, you can call (360) 896-9562. To schedule a free initial bankruptcy consultation, you can call (360) 882-8990.  Of course, you can also schedule your appointment using our online calendar. Just let us know if we can help.

Facing Debt or Financial Problems?

You can still regain control of your finances by reaching out to an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Washington. Let us help you resolve your financial issues skillfully, protect your assets with compassion, and utilize every means possible to achieve your desired results. Contact us for a free consultation today.