The Robert Russell Law Office has an experienced short sale staff.  Robert Russell, attorney at law, provides homeowners with an explanation of their legal options, including a short sale, and reviews every transaction. In addition, the following experienced team members will work to achieve your goals:


<strong>Kathleen Jamal</strong>
Kathleen JamalOperations Manager for Short Sales & Mortgage Modification

Kathleen assists homeowners in identifying mortgage default strategies that fit their goals and financial circumstances. She has managed in the mortgage default servicing arena since 1973 (i.e. Collections, Foreclosure, Short Sales, Modification, Partial Claim Loss, HUD conveyances, Deed instead of Foreclosure, government claims, Bankruptcy, REO, Profit and Loss, 1099C IRS Reporting, property inspections/preservation, investor reporting, deficiency pursuance, acquisitions, servicer transfers). So, while Kathleen is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice, she has personal experience to share on how mortgage companies service loans including how they might approach resolving your mortgage default. She has received numerous awards recognizing her mortgage default management results. Kathleen also served as the Chairwoman for the California Mortgage Bankers Association (CMBA) for 5 years working on servicing committees with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, and FHA in developing default servicing procedures. Kathleen is a regular speaker for the Robert Russell Law Office at foreclosure prevention events.

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