We make brokers’ lives easier in a short sale scenario.

First, “A broker should advise a short sale seller to seek appropriate…legal…advice or counsel.” (Washington State DFI/DOL “Short Sales – Guidance for Licensees,” 12/10/2010). Why do the DOL and DFI say that? Because they want to make sure that the homeowner knows their options with their home. Only a law firm can give legal advice. And we do that for you – at no cost. We offer a free initial consultation to homeowners trying to determine their options in their underwater home scenario. (NOTE: Of the homeowners referred to us, 90%-95% elect to pursue a short sale as opposed to a bankruptcy to try to save the home.)

Second, we negotiate short sales on behalf of homeowners throughout Washington State. This saves you, the brokers, time and money. And, yes, you can earn your complete commission if you have the homeowner pay our fee. Our referring brokers love us because we have a seasoned team of short sale professionals that help you close your short sale in the shortest time possible with the least stress possible. We have a great reputation for the services we provide.

Testimonial: “Mr. Russell and his associates know how to navigate the difficult do’s and don’ts of a short sale better than any other firm that I am familiar with. I wouldn’t think of doing a short sale without their expertise and I am a Broker with a CDPE designation…Simply the best!!” Carol Murray, Broker, CDPE

Third, we also provide educational information and short sale training for brokers. This is normally provided free of charge.

We are true short sale professionals at every step of the process. If you have any questions, want to refer a homeowner for a free consultation, or you would like us to provide in office training on short sales or any other legal matter, please contact us.

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