What is a “Medical Bankruptcy”?

What is a Medical Bankruptcy? Actually, that is a trick question.  There is no such thing under the law as a “medical bankruptcy.” There is no option under the Bankruptcy Code to file bankruptcy solely on medical debt.   Any

How Do You Value Assets In Bankruptcy?

 How Do You Value Assets In Bankruptcy? Exempt vs. Non-Exempt Assets The Bankruptcy Code requires that a debtor list/disclose all of their assets in the petition.   People get to protect/keep certain assets from the claims of creditors.  These protected assets

Mortgages, Reaffirmation Agreements & Credit Reports

A Mortgage Not Reaffirmed & Not On Your Credit Report You may be reading this because your mortgage company has told you that they cannot (or will not) report your mortgage payment history on your credit report because you did

How Can a Consumer Get A Free Credit Report?

Free Annual Credit Report – Federal Requirement Each consumer is entitled by federal law to one free credit report per year from each of the three main credit reporting agencies.   The easiest way to get your free report is to

Bank Account Garnishment: How Do I Protect What I Can?

BANK ACCOUNT GARNISHMENTS – CERTAIN FUNDS ARE PROTECTED Many people facing financial hardship have their bank accounts (and wages) garnished.  The purpose of this article is let you know that not all funds you have in your bank account can

Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors (“341 Meeting”): What to Expect

 What is a “Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors”? A “Section 341 First Meeting of Creditors” (341 Meeting) is a scheduled meeting between a debtor, a trustee and any creditors that would like to attend. The purpose of the meeting is

Do We Take Payments On Attorney Fees? (Yes)

  We Have Payment Plans A very common question we receive is whether we take payments AFTER FILING for attorney fees.  YES. We understand that the reason you are contacting us is that you are experiencing financial problems.   You may

How Much Are The Court Filing Fees For Bankruptcy?

The basic filing fees set by the court are as follows:   Chapter 7 Filing Fee – $335 Chapter 13 Filing Fee – $310 Amendment to Add Creditor –  $30 Reopen Closed Chapter 7  – $260 Reopen Closed Chapter 13

Who Are The Vancouver Bankruptcy Trustees?

Below are the four bankruptcy trustees that work on Vancouver cases. If you want to know who they are (their names), just take a look below. If you want to know who they are (their personalities and what to expect

Are Income Taxes Dischargeable In Bankruptcy?

This can be a very complicated analysis.  I am going to keep it simple in this article. Basic Rule For Discharging Income Taxes In Bankruptcy Income taxes, both state and federal, can be discharged in Chapter 7 and 13 if