Retired With Debt Struggles: Do I Need to File Bankruptcy?

Retired With Debt: Do I Need To File Bankruptcy? In most cases, when a person retires, their retirement income is less than their prior working income. Unfortunately, existing creditors still want to be paid on time and in full; they

Can One Spouse Be Personally Liable For Debts Incurred By The Other?

The Question If spouse #1 incurs a debt, is spouse #2 liable for that debt.   The answer is, of course, it depends. A Little Background: Separate vs. Community Estate Washington is one of nine “community property” states.  Generally, that means

What Does the County Say Your Home is Worth? (Clark & Cowlitz)

Real Property Valuation Part of determining the best course of action to resolve a financial issue includes a review of your assets and liabilities.   A home is normally a person’s biggest asset.  Therefore, it is important to know both the


Same sex married couples can now file joint a bankruptcy petition anywhere in the US Bankruptcy in the U.S. is subject to federal law – the U.S. Bankruptcy Code – and is filed in federal court.  That means bankruptcy cases

Are You Stressed and Tired? It might be “Decision Fatigue”.

WHAT DO I DO NOW?!? Posted below is an article that explains how making decisions becomes overwhelming.  IN FACT, people that are experiencing financial problems might suffer more than others from “Decision Fatigue“.   Money is tight and every money spending

Can Creditors Reach Assets in a Living (Self Settled) Trust?

Trust Components A “Trust” has several parts.  The person creating the trust is the “Trustor” or “Settlor“.  The assets that are placed in the trust are the “res” of the trust.   The person that benefits from the trust is called