If you are behind on mortgage payments (or might be soon), and you want to save your home from foreclosure, we can help.  Robert Russell has provided Bankruptcy (and foreclosure prevention) services for more than 25 years.  Robert Russell has

What Is The Effect of Repeat / Serial Filing Multiple Bankruptcies On The “Automatic Stay”?

A Debtor Can Lose the Protections of the Bankruptcy Automatic Stay The “Automatic Stay” is a key protection in filing bankruptcy. The Automatic Stay is an Order that prohibits collection action by a creditor on a debt once the bankruptcy

What Do You Do If You Filed Bankruptcy & Forgot To List A Creditor?

Despite a debtor’s best efforts, sometimes a creditor does not get listed in the debtor’s bankruptcy.  It might be because the debt is old and  forgotten.  Maybe it’s newer but a debtor just did not know they owed a debt. 

What Can You Do If You File Bankruptcy And Have a Judgment Lien On Your House?

A Creditor With A Judgment May Have a Lien Against Your Home If at the time you file bankruptcy you own real property such as a house or a bare land lot, the first thing you need to know is that

How Long Is Bankruptcy On Your Credit Report?

Fair Credit Reporting Act & Bankruptcy The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act dictates how long a bankruptcy can be listed on a credit report. Legally, a Chapter 7 can be listed ten years from the date of filing. 15 USC § 1681c.

Where is the Chapter 13 Trustee Website for Vancouver & SW Washington?

The Chapter 13 Trustee for SW Washington including Vancouver, Longview, Kelso, etc is Mike Malaier.  His website is at:  Chapter 13 Website – Mike Malaier, Trustee      

How Does The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Collect in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 and IRS Debt Collection Efforts The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) follows the instruction in the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM).  Below is what the manual says about collecting debts owed by people that have filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Can My Doctor Refuse To See/Treat Me If A Past Bill Was Discharged In Bankruptcy?

Can A Doctor Refuse To Provide Future Medical Services To A Patient That Has Filed Bankruptcy And Discharged A Debt Owed To The Doctor? Many people file bankruptcy to help deal with medical debts.  With the entry of the bankruptcy

Can A Debtor Get Approved To Buy A Home While In A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Can A Debtor In An Active Chapter 13 Qualify For a Home Loan? Yes, it is quite possible for a debtor in an active Chapter 13 case to obtain a home loan.  Here is a link to an article that


Washington State law requires under certain circumstances (discussed here) pre-foreclosure mediation between a homeowner trying to save a home from foreclosure and the bank trying to take/foreclosure on the home.   The purpose of this article is to simply note a