There are MANY different types.  Here are a few with links to their site and/or an explanation of the program.  These programs can change.  So, make sure you are looking at the most recent information/publications.   The programs/links are current as of the day of this post.


Mortgage Loan Modification Program Options


FHFA (“Federal Housing Finance Agency”) Streamlined Modification

Streamlined Modification (Fannie Mae GSE)

Streamlined Modification (Freddie Mac GSE)

Federal MHA (“Making Home Affordable”) Options – All

HAMP Tier 1 (non GSE)

HAMP Tier 2 (non GSE)

HAMP PRA (Principle Reduction Alternative)

HAMP (nonGSE) 2MP (2nd Lien Modification Program)

 HAMP (Fannie Mae GSE)  (Note: No Tier 2)

HAMP (Freddie Mac GSE)  (Note: No Tier 2)


FHA-HAMP  Second Lien Program (FHA2LP)



HAUP (Home Affordable Unemployment Program)

“IN HOUSE” Modifications

 These are modifications offered by individual entities.   You have to ask them for information on their particular program.   Many mimic the HAMP program.


Mortgage Loan Refinance Program Options


HARP (“Home Affordable Refinance Program”)

HARP 3.0:

HARP (Freddie Mac – GSE)

HARP (Fannie Mae – GSE)

FHA Short Refinance


All the other usual options with the existing lenders in the market