Why Its Useful:  This document explains the expansion of MHA government programs for mortgage modification, short sales, etc.

Subject:   Making Home Affordable Program – MHA Extension and Expansion

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Supplemental Directive 12-02 March 9, 2012
Making Home Affordable Program – MHA Extension and Expansion

In February 2009, the Obama Administration introduced the Making Home Affordable (MHA) Program to stabilize the housing market and help struggling homeowners obtain relief and avoid foreclosure. In March 2009, the U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) issued uniform guidance for loan modifications by participants in MHA across the mortgage industry and subsequently updated and expanded that guidance. On December 15, 2011 Treasury issued version 3.4 of the Making Home Affordable Program Handbook for Servicers of Non-GSE Mortgages (Handbook), a consolidated resource for guidance related to the MHA Program for mortgage loans that are not owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac (Non-GSE Mortgages)….