We Offer Video & Phone Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultations [Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns?]

The Corona Virus and Video/Phone Bankruptcy Consultations The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making personal contact less safe.  Venturing out for appointments is more difficult (kids at home due to surprise school closings, limits on public gatherings, etc.).  We want you to

What is the UST Bankruptcy Information Sheet Every Debtor Must Read?

Bankruptcy Information Sheet:  The 341 Meeting Requirement The United States Bankruptcy Code requires that each debtor affirm at their 341 Meeting that they have read the “Bankruptcy Information Sheet” (BIS) in order to complete the 341 Meeting.  The “Bankruptcy Information

Are You Stressed and Tired? It might be “Decision Fatigue”.

WHAT DO I DO NOW?!? Posted below is an article that explains how making decisions becomes overwhelming.  IN FACT, people that are experiencing financial problems might suffer more than others from “Decision Fatigue“.   Money is tight and every money spending


No one’s first choice when faced with a financial hardship is to file bankruptcy.   And filing bankruptcy is not on many people’s “bucket list”.     So, it makes complete sense that when someone experiences financial hardship that they should look at

How Does a Bankruptcy Trustee Get Paid?

Chapter 7 Trustees Chapter 7 Trustees receive payment for their services in two possible ways. First, the Chapter 7 Trustee receives a $60 fee every Chapter 7 case filed where a filing fee is paid by the debtor. So, out

What is the impact of filing bankruptcy on the holder of an interest in an LLC/Partnership?

If you are partner in a Partnership, filing bankruptcy will terminate (“dissociate”) you as a partner of the partnership. See, RCW 25.05.225(6)(a) (“A partner is dissociated from a partnership upon the occurrence of any of the following events: … (6) The partner’s