We Offer Video & Phone Free Initial Bankruptcy Consultations [Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns?]

The Corona Virus and Video/Phone Bankruptcy Consultations The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making personal contact less safe.  Venturing out for appointments is more difficult (kids at home due to surprise school closings, limits on public gatherings, etc.).  We want you to

What is the UST Bankruptcy Information Sheet Every Debtor Must Read?

Bankruptcy Information Sheet:  The 341 Meeting Requirement The United States Bankruptcy Code requires that each debtor affirm at their 341 Meeting that they have read the “Bankruptcy Information Sheet” (BIS) in order to complete the 341 Meeting.  The “Bankruptcy Information

What is the impact of filing bankruptcy on the holder of an interest in an LLC/Partnership?

If you are partner in a Partnership, filing bankruptcy will terminate (“dissociate”) you as a partner of the partnership. See, RCW 25.05.225(6)(a) (“A partner is dissociated from a partnership upon the occurrence of any of the following events: … (6) The partner’s

What do you need to bring to your bankruptcy free initial consultation?

All you need to bring to your free initial consultation is a general understanding of your assets, debts, income and expenses. We won’t need specifics. We’ll guide you through a few subjects and highlight the issues that might be present

What happens if a debtor transfers a balance from one credit card to another in the 90 days prior to filing bankruptcy?

It goes without saying (despite what some politicians might think)  that people don’t want to file for bankruptcy if they do not have to do so. Often, in an effort to manage their finances and avoid bankruptcy, people will transfer

What debts are discharged in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

The short answer is that almost all “usual” debts are discharged in Chapter 13. There are a few exceptions. Here are the details. A chapter 13 debtor is entitled to a discharge upon completion of all payments due under the

Do you still owe debts that you did not list in your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

What Happens If You Omit Or Fail to List A Creditor Sometimes a debtor doesn’t list a debt because of a simple mistake. Sometimes it’s because the debtor didn’t even know the debt existed. When the unlisted / omitted creditor

Are student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy?

It is extremely difficult to discharge student loans (both private and government) in bankruptcy. For a student loan to be discharged, the debtor must file a lawsuit in the bankruptcy against the creditor and prove the existence of an “undue

What court case and decision controls student loan dischargeability in Washington?

In the Ninth Circuit (which includes Washington and Oregon), the decision that controls student loan dischargeability is In Re Pena, 155 F.3d 1108 (9th Cir. 1998). For my discussion of the meaning and application of this case, click here. The

Is a homeowner liable for the debt on a home that is foreclosed in a nonjudicial manner?

First, let’s make sure we have the terminology straight. The purchase and financing of a home in Washington is normally accomplished through a borrower signing a (1) “Promissory Note” that obligates the borrower for the debt incurred to purchase the